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TIFFANASTY: first & foremost, gotta ask, why the name prophit?
let these niggas know what made you choose your namesake.

PROPHIT: The name Prophit actually came from my brother, he was going on a spirtual journey in his life at the time when i was first doing music, and i was young wildin out on the streets w/ my friends being reckless. I remember him being in the kitchen one day and telling me "I'm a prophet" and I just laughed at him. Time passed and I had to get away from all the dumb shit I was doing, so I went on a journey of my own and saw alot of the things he told me in that kitchen. Who he said he had become was the person I was finding in myself. So I re-invented me as Prophit honestly,

I didnt really choose the name the name kinda chose me.....

TIFFANASTY: i know artists don't really like to categorize themselves but...
if you HAD to describe your style, how would you?

PROPHIT: [laughs] yea thats always a tough one for us, ummmm If I HAD to describe my sound I would call it "Forward Thinking Hip Hop" meaning im trying to create something no one has done before in my own way. Im putting sounds in there from genres of music that I love like hardcore/soul/folk etc etc, but making it hip hop ALWAYS because I am an emcee but also an artist you know, I wear my influences on my sleeve and that can be heard anytime you listen to music of mine.

TIFFANASTY: classic... classic classic classic; let me just say that, that's one of my fav'
songs. .. what inspired you to write that?

PROPHIT: yes, thank you that is a favorite amongst a lot of folks...the inspiration behind "Classic" was, I was going on a trip to Texas for like 2 weeks and my love at the time decided with me that we would trade gifts with one another. We decided on gifts we could give to one another that would make up for the distance of us being apart. She got me something really really dope, so I was stuck like damn what can I give this girl that would bomb her gift [laughs]; so i was like fuck it im gonna give her something that not only she has for this trip, but something she can have forever. So i wrote "Classic" and recorded it the day before I left on my trip and debuted it on "Its Lloyal" that night. I almost didnt get the chance to, but the universe gave that to me. She heard it, cried, we made sweet love [laughs]; it was beautiful. It was one of the most honest, vivid and beautiful pieces i've ever wrote.

I still feel in love every time I hear and perform that song.

TIFFANASTY: how do you feel about the response you've been gettin from the masses?
it's mad niggas out there that can spit a prophit verse witout stutterin, lol. [ie: it's like that

PROPHIT: The response is very overwhelming, I literally have not heard one person give me any negative feedback on "Cause When You Stop Dreaming". Its a blessing 100% the fact that I am touching peoples lives the way I am and doing it through music, is a feeling that is very hard to describe. Its just a blessing,

I am literally living the dream

and the support from the people is the only reason why. I owe them a lot, so I make sure I give back, always putting on a show that they never forget, making records they love and cherish forever; whatever I can do to show my endless appreciation. I love the fact that you know "Its like that" [laughs] that's some vintage Proph.

TIFFANASTY: what goes thru your mind when people recognize you on the street? is it surreal at all?

PROPHIT: To be honest, its one of the greatest feelings in the world; for a person to recognize you by face means they really looked into the music you create, not just heard an MP3. They wanted to know: who is that? what does he look like? And to see me and be brave and stop me to compliment me or just converse is amazing. Its such a warm and wonderful feeling, it makes me feel really appreciated.

TIFFANASTY: back when you were "lil prophit" who inspired you to really pick up a pen & a mic?

PROPHIT: When I was baby Prophit, dudes like Nas, Outkast, Pun, Wu Tang, Goodie Mob those dudes really made me want to rhyme and write rhymes. the things they were doing and saying, I was like damn I want to be 15 and blow niggas minds and say some wild shit too [laughs] So those dudes def made me want to be an MC and also be different from the rest.

TIFFANASTY: what else can we expect from prophit in the future?
not that were not satisfied wit' the mixtape, 'cause that shit is certified earsex [haha]

PROPHIT: haha thank you for the compliment..I have alot of things going on, I have a few videos in the works for a couple of joints off "Cause When You Stop Dreaming" more shows, some collabos and a new mixtape for 2010 dedicated to one of the greatest if not the greatest female vocalist of our time who's name starts with an S.....thats all im gonna say.

TIFFANASTY: what's a quote you live by? it could be from anyone..


"Demons in, Demons out" - Daryl Palumbo

TIFFANASTY: if you could say anything to the underestimaters/haters/frienemies, what would it be?

PROPHIT: keep up the good work ;)

TIFFANASTY: what's your advice to mc's like yourself tryna get their voices heard?

PROPHIT: my advice to MC's trying to get their voices heard is simple: be original and bust your ass. grind harder than the nigga next to you, be true and be humble be human but be hungry.

the world is yours

TIFFANASTY: any last words? [shameless plugs & shoutouts are allowed lol]

PROPHIT: thank you to yourself for taking the time to ask me these dope questions, and thank you to everyone who took the time out to read my long ass answers haha I love you all.

my first interview with an emcee. he's an underground king in his own right, heartfelt lyrics & passion can be found in this man's music. i'm happy that he responded & contributed to this interview. proph, thanks for being such a humble dude & taking some time to answer all my questions.

// This is an interview I did back in October; it was & still is a pleasure to read over this & smile 
at the way he answered everything in such detail! He's a truly humble dude! Thanks P!

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