Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I'm a big fan of this show! I actually want to audition for a season, but I'm waiting for one
of my best friends to turn 21 so we can do it together! Anyway, on with my review!

I just have to laugh at the desperation Kendra has shown for fame! If you would honestly let someone
punching you in the face slide in exchange for popularity, you have serious issues! 

  Maybe she should ask Natalie where she can get a better fuckin' weave because hers looks like a squirrels tail!

Annie had me dying today, with her drunk ass! I think she's adorable, but she definitely
has some type of eating disorder & some form of OCD! 

  Flo is one of my favorite Bad Girls & today's scenario had her fuming! I do think she over reacted a bit,
I mean I'd have been upset too, but to wild out like that was a little bit over the top. Hey,
it made for great TV though! 

Natalie.. Natalie, Natalie, Natalie. This bitch urks the SHIT out of me, from her Jay Leno chin,
to her 'I RUN LA' line, everything about this whore rubs me the wrong way. And if you peeped
any of the scenes from next week's episode, I know you're about as happy as I am that
darling Portia spazzes the fuck out on her. This season is like the girl version of Fight Club! LOL.

Catch this show every Tuesday at 10pm on Oxygen!

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  1. i love that u put the pice of nataile up...lmao!!!